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Beach Birds Travel is a company of African American women with a desire to share our adventures, excursions and dreams with others.  In 2017 we took our first trip to Africa.  We were so impressed by the beautiful lush green tropical landscapes, rainforest, waterfalls, beautiful people and culture, much different than what is portrayed on the television in America.  We were filled with excitement, pride and joy as we were in our “Mother Land” and we wanted to share this experience of with others.  

Knowing that international travel may be a new experience for some, our goal was to simplify the process by offering tours organized by our company utilizing the experience we have and the connections that we have made.  We have mapped out the process from beginning to end, to help walk anyone interested in taking one of our tours.  We offer consultations to anyone traveling with us.  We offer various different Tours types. Some of our specialty groups include but are not limited to: mature adults, Girls Trips, Family Tours, Couples Retreats and more.    

Our goal is to help as many people as possible make their dream of visiting Africa come true.  One of our mission statements is making your dreams/ desires to visiting Africa a reality by working together “LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

That’s who we are, please contact us, as we would like to get to know you, especially if you have a desire to visit Africa. Hope you will join us to experience the beauty and joys the Motherland has to offer.

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Our Mission

Specializing in Cultural Tours… Beach Birds Travel provides full Cultural Immersion in all of our destinations, Relaxation and Wellness Retreats, and Trip Consultation and Coordination.


My name is Nzingha Byrd and I’m the CEO of Beach Birds Travel. I was bitten with the travel bug when I was just a little girl. My parents took me and my sister to the beaches in Florida every summer and I was hooked. Or maybe it was spending the Summers with my father in Washington DC and getting an early taste of East Coast Culture. Perhaps I fell in love with Travel during our Family Cargo Trips “Down South to the Country” every major holiday …. My childhood was filled with what felt like Travel Adventures and since then, I’ve been to over 5 countries and I plan on more!


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